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Leather Head Mallet

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Martillo De Cuero


All-rawhide mallet made of tough, long-wearing, water buffalo rawhide. Constructed from the finest materials and workmanship. Great for use in Jewelry making, Watch repair, Tool & Die Shops, Foundries, Foundries, woodworkers, craftsmen and production workers. Assembled by skilled craftsmen specializing in non-marring striking tools. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Tough, long-wearing Water Buffalo Rawhide will not damage steel, iron, brass, aluminum or other soft metals.
Designed to deliver powerful,controlled blows without damaging your die, steel rule or product.
Ideal for use on broad-faced striking surfaces in a wide range of applications.
SIZE #4: Face Diameter 2" Head Length 3.5" Handle Length 9.5" Weight 11 oz.
Made in the U.S.A.

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Tough Rawhide Mallet

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I actually inherited this from my Father many years ago ,so I looked it up on the internet and to my amazement they are still being made and sold today. This little ,light weight hammer is really durable and packs a bigger wallop than you'd expect. It's come in handy on more than one occasion when I needed some oomph without marring the piece I was working on. A little pricey bit very durable and useful, as testified by it's presence in my shop after many , many years.
I suspect it belonged to one of my Uncles, who was a clock maker in Mass. back in the mid 1900's.

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