Drill Doctor Bit Sharpener

Drill Doctor


Drill Doctor Model 500X The DD500X shop model is designed for durability and has the flexibility required to sharpen the largest range and most popular sizes of dull or broken bits-including split points and masonry bits. Increase capacity with optional ¾” chuck accessory.

* User replaceable diamond sharpening wheel design for simple replacement
* One-piece alignment system improves precision, and adjustability
* Longer jaws hold bit more precisely and jaw guides eliminate jaw twisting on small bits
* Cast aluminum point angle shuttle for added durability
* For the serious drill bit user – DIY, hobbyist, and professional
* Sharpens 3/32” – 1/2” drill bits
* Sharpens high-speed steel, carbide, tin-coated and masonry bits
* Sharpens both 118 degree and 135 degree point angles
* Can sharpen 3/32” – 1/2” reverse-twist (left-hand) drill bits with optional accessory

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