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The particles in our compound are produced under high pressure and temperature using state of the art technology, and offer the ultimate in manufactured strength and resistance. It has a strong, blocky cubo-octahedral shape with pronounced cutting surfaces that will not peel away into smaller crystals. We only use premium diamond and offer three types of diamond compound (natural, synthetic and poly crystaline) in a wide range of sizes and concentrations.

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Diamond paste kit puts a mirror finish on cutters

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As a college woodworking instructor, I constantly preach to my students (and anybody else who will listen) about the importance of keeping cutting tools sharp. Most woodworkers will be satisfied with the sharpening results they get from an good set of waterstones, but for those who demand a super-sharp mirror finish on their chisels and plane irons, the answer is diamond pastes. Beta Diamond Products offers an affordable kit of pastes that takes tool sharpening to that higher level.
The process starts with dispensing a half-gram dollop of diamond paste into a dime-size pool of the included lubricant, and mixing the concoction into a slurry on a smooth, flat piece of hard maple. Beta Diamond’s color-coded syringes make it easy to meter out the right amount of paste and help keep the four progressively finer grits in order. Tiny figure-eight strokes followed by a back-and-forth motion in line with the bevel quickly put on a mirror finish as I stepped up through the grits (600 to 8,000 grit). I’ve used diamond pastes before, but I’m impressed with this kit from Beta products. I observed consistent improvement in the surface quality of my tools with each grit change, without seeing any of the cross-contamination of grits that I’ve seen in pastes from other manufacturers. —Tested by Tim Peters

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