Porter-Cable 8" Variable Speed Bench Grinder

WOOD magazine rating


• Designed for grinding, sharpening and polishing of different materials
• Variable Speed (2000-3400 RPM) with convenient changing of speeds using upfront controller
• Adjustable Gooseneck work light provides better illumination of work area
• Two adjustable die-cast aluminum tool rests for proper support, left side grooved for drill bits
• Keeps workpiece from overheating and becoming damaged
• Includes wheel dresser to reshape wheel and clean residue between uses

WOOD magazine review

Porter-Cable PCB575BG Test-drive

Review Summary

The wheels of this bench grinder covers a wide range of tasks, from rough grinding to touching up woodworking tools. Both grinders run nearly vibration-free, with smooth rpm changes across the variable-speed range. Threaded knobs make positioning the tool rests and safety shields easy. The poker-chip-like interlocking ridges in the tool rest and mount provide solid, repeatable positioning, but prevent fine-tuning between those gradations.
A T-shaped, diamond-embedded dressing tool stores on the back of the base and a quench cup sits up front. Two gripes: I didn't care for the drill-bit-sharpening groove cast into the left tool rest, as narrow chisels tended to dip into it. And the task light only comes on when the motor is running, so it can't be used when setting up the grinder. Get if if sharpening chores range from lawnmower blades to chisels. Forget it if you want a grinder mostly to touch up woodworking tools.

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