Delta 8" Bench Grinder

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The DELTA GR450 ShopMaster Eight inch Grinder is a variable-speed grinder with a patent-pending quick change/tool-less wheel changing system. The powerful five Amp, 60 Hz single phase motor features variable speed capabilities of between 1,725 and 3,450 RPM. This versatile grinder not only takes care of the toughest grinding jobs, but it also handles buffing and sharpening duties with ease. Its cast-iron construction ensures minimal vibration while operating, and the built-in eye shields and spark deflectors ensure safe operation each and every time. DELTA also includes a gooseneck lamp to help get a clear view of the workpiece and grinding wheels.

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When I bought this grinder, I really wanted to like it. Variable speed so I could use it for both sharpening and general grinding by just changing the wheels, built-in light, decent tool rests. But then, about a year after I bought it, after relatively gentle use, I turned it on, a puff of smoke and some sparks came out of the control module. As all know, when they manufacture things that run on electricity, they install the smoke during manufacture. If the smoke gets out, it quits working.
Someday, when I haven't got anything better to do, I am going to see if I can get it to work without the speed control. Something else that I didn't like: Mounting a wire wheel on this grinder was a pain. The flanges don't work well with a wire wheel.

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