Famowood Water-Based Wood Filler

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FAMOWOOD Water-Based Wood Filler provides professional quality results for woodworkers without solvent fumes. It's ideal whether you are masking small defects or making larger repairs. FAMOWOOD Water-Based Wood Filler has a high percentage of wood flour – it behaves like wood, because it's made from wood. Once dry, it can be treated like real wood and because it's water-based, clean up is simple with just soap and water. FAMOWOOD dries in 15 minutes and is stronger than the wood it replaces, with no signs of shrinkage, cracking or crumbling. Once dry, it can be sanded, sawed, stained, nailed, painted or planed.

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Water based wood filler

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I've used the Famo Wood brand wood filler as long as I've been a cabinet maker and this brand has always been my preference, due to it's reliability. It dries quick and sands easily and the colors match very closely to the wood I'm working with. This is there newer water based filler ,and I am starting to like it more than their solvent based line, because it stays fresher longer or doesn't dry out as quickly.
The older line you have to renew it often with their solvent or it will dry out in the can. The can was always difficult to open and close, where this new plastic container is a snap to negotiate.

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