Famowood Solvent-Based Wood Filler

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FAMOWOOD solvent-based wood filler has been the first choice of woodworking professionals for more than 50 years. Whether you’re masking small or large defects, FAMOWOOD can be used inside or outside and takes stains and paint easily – making it ideal for any custom project. FAMOWOOD spreads evenly into cracks and holes without shrinking, crumbling or cracking and requires very little sanding to achieve a desired finished look.

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As long as I've been a cabinet and furniture maker this is the filler I've used almost always. It dries fast, takes a stain well, sands well , doesn't shrink and will stay fresh if you renew or thin it from time to time with their solvent. You can't use lacquer thinner to thin this stuff as it's not compatible.Because of this I recommended you buy it only in the smaller container, that way if it dries out before you remember to thin it then you haven't lost much.
You can get this in 16 different colors and mix it to get a perfect match. Not really a big fan of their metal container as the top tends to get bent up from sealing and unsealing, but because it's solvent based there's not much other type container that can be used and be safe.You can but this at most any hardware or big box home center or online.

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