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Homestead Transfast Dye Powder

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Developed by renowned furniture restorer and finisher Jeff Jewitt, these TransFast water-soluble powder dyes outperform any we have tried. Because the dyes contain no fillers or extenders, each 1 oz. bottle makes a half gallon or more of stain, nearly twice as much as most other dyes! Packaged in resealable bottles, you can use only the amount of dye necessary for the project at hand and not have to worry about the remaining powder leaking out of a paper envelope or absorbing moisture like other powdered dyes. Perfect for new work, repairs, or restoration, these deep penetrating colors can be combined to create virtually any shade without hiding the natural features of the wood. Stained surfaces can be coated with almost any type of finish to bring out the color you’ve applied. These easy to use dyes come with the best mixing and application instructions we have seen. Do not store liquid dyes in metal containers.

•Water-soluble concentrated turquoise blue dye in powder form
•Mixed with water, it is nonflammable, zero-VOC, and low odor
•Very economical and safe to use
•Can be topcoated with any finishing material
•Indefinite shelf life as long as kept in a cool, dry area

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I bought this stuff years ago in an assortment so I could tweak the colors. Want it less red, you add a little blue, etc. It is great that there is no pigment, only dye, and you can make a figured grain really pop, and make pine look way better than with your average Minwax or whatever. This was the beginning of understanding wood finishing for me. The final results can be wonderful if you choose and are willing to learn and read.
The project I did 16 years age is unchanged and "colorfast". Boric acid in the remaining stain will keep it for years in a bottle. You won't be sorry. It's fun too.

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