Rockler Mixing Mate

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Stir, pour, and store in an instant with one ingenious tool!
The Mixing Mate Paint Lid makes mixing and pouring paints and finishes as easy and mess-free as pouring syrup from a restaurant-style dispenser. Forget the lid opener, stir stick, punching holes in the rim with a nail and hammer, paint pouring down the side of the can, and trying to bang the lid back onto a gummed up rim without deforming it. The Mixing Mate Paint Lid eliminates all of these problems.
Whether you're pouring paint into a tray, or stain and varnish into your paint gun, you'll appreciate the easy, drip-free action offered by the Mixing Mate. Simply crank the handle, press the thumb lever and pour. No drips, no mess, no wasted finish. The auger-style mixing paddle lifts pigments from the bottom of the can, doing in seconds what would take minutes with a messy, wasteful stir stick. And when you're done, simply set the can back on the shelf for storage.

Pistol grip handle makes pouring paint easy and ergonomic.
Tool-free cam clamps securely anchor the Mixing Mate Paint Lid to any standard quart size paint canister - simply twist to secure.
Spring-loaded spout seals up tight after each pour - set it on the shelf and you're done until next time.
Lid gasket ensures a tight, leak-proof seal to the paint or finishing can.
The Mixing Mate Paint Lid is constructed of non-metal components, making it completely compatible with water-borne finishes and latex paints, as well as solvent-based finishes.
A few seconds of cranking the paddle mixes finishes much more thoroughly then minutes of mixing with a stir stick.
Auger-shaped paddle lifts and mixes solids and pigments that have settled on the bottom of the canister for a more even-toned finish.
If you want to switch the Mixing Mate to a different can, the Mixing Mate's paddle, handle and lid separate for easy cleaning.
Fits any standard one-quart can of paint, stain or varnish.

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Rockler Mixing Mate

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I have both model. They work real well. I recommend that product. A real blessing for mixing paint, stain and varnish. The same model they use in pro shop but made of none metallic material.

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