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CANGUN1 is our revolutionary new, patented pistol grip spray can tool that easily snaps on to standard aerosol spray cans - transforming them into professional-style spray guns with unprecedented control, for hours of effortless, pain-free spraying. We have furthered our commitment to product quality and social and environmental responsibility by designing and manufacturing CANGUN1 in the USA with recycled, non-toxic plastic and zero waste, space optimized, recyclable packaging.

Our newest design, once again, takes advantage of the natural properties of polypropylene plastic to bring you the best spray can tool you can buy at any price.

With over 25 years of experience in the paint and sundries marketplace, we have identified and implemented the following three key areas of spray can tool improvement:

1. World's first FullGrip spray can tool trigger offers hours offers fatigue-free spraying by providing 22X the surface area compared to a standard spray can valve’s surface.

2. Double leverage action with exclusive internal design substantially reduces, on average, 10X less, the amount of force required to actuate the can's valve, thereby providing effortless spraying. See SPRAY CAN HANDLE OPERATION FORCE chart below for further details.

3. The FutureLock attachment ring makes attaching and removing CANGUN1 twice as easy and fits 100% of all standard spray cans.

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The CANGUN1 is one of the simplest gadgets to use on a spray gun. It provides control with each pass. It allows you more efficient control of how much you spray out of an aerosol can without your finger sticking to the spray nozzle. I have tried several others but CANGUN1 is by far superior over all the others. I used to used either my finger on the nozzle or another item similar to CANGUN1 but from now on it will be only the CANGUN1.

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