General Finishes Enduro Waterbase Lacquer

General Finishes
Enduro Waterbase Lacquer


Enduro Water Base Lacquer is a new generation water base technology providing enhanced water and chemical resistance at an economical price. Water Base Lacquer dries fast for rapid recoating. It illustrates superior performance to solvent based lacquers, providing improved stack-times, hardness, lacquer thinner resistance, and fingernail polish remover resistance.

Sheens: Flat-10, Satin-35, Semi Gloss-50 and Gloss-90.
Recommended HVLP atomizing sets: .043 -.051 tip and nozzle, No. 9 -10 air cap. Click here for a guide for spray tip sizes.
Air-Assisted or airless: 0.009" - 0.012" tip.

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