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Tremont Steel Cut Nails

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Tremont Nail


These nails are lighter than common cut-nails, but are used for similar applications. Designed originally for the construction of wood boxes and crates, they are also used for nailing fences, siding, face-nailing floors, framing and roughing-in. Available Standard and Hot-Dip Galvanized.

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Authentic old time nails

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These are the way nails use to be made back in early American times.If your building a piece of furniture and want to give it an authentic look where nails are used then these would be the ones you'd want to use. I've used these on a number of projects to give them an old time authentic look and these really go a long way to produce that effect. They are more difficult to apply than our modern day round nails since they are are square and wedged in design.
The up side, besides the old time look they give is that they are actually more effective in holding power than our modern day nails are due to the wedge design. They do tend to split your stock more near an edge than the popular nails of our time, so more work is required to prevent this. They do much better if you drive the longest edge of the nail parallel with the grain. If they still split the wood then pre-drilling the holes will prevent for sure. Always experiment before final assembly. These are ,of course, much more expensive than the common nails of our day since there is a limited market and a whole lot more hand work involved in making these here in America. For many years you couldn't purchase these directly from Tremont Nail, but now I see you can.

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