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Spax Wood Screws

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Wood Screws


Whether you’re a professional contractor or weekend do-it-yourselfer, German engineered / American made SPAX® Multi-material Construction Screws and PowerLags™ offer a wide selection of premium quality fastening solutions that help ensure professional results in less time than inferior imported screws. Often imitated, but never duplicated, the unique patented features of SPAX® fasteners reflect nearly two centuries of cold-forming engineering and manufacturing experience.

Patented MULTIhead: Countersinks screw head flush with material.
Patented serrations: Quicker and easier fastening.
4CUT™ Point: No pre-drilling, no splitting. Square end divides fibers.

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Strongest screws I've ever used !

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I've been hearing about these screws for some time and just happened to pick some up to use, after snapping off a couple of regular lag bolts,in building a mobile base for my new Delta Unisaw. I was hoping these would work better and to my great satisfaction they did. Wow! What a fantastic screw ! I was using these in hard maple using an 18 volt Makita impact driver and I couldn't get these to snap even if I wanted too !
I used both the Spax lag bolts and the flat head wood screws with the same results. I did pre-drill pilot holes for these 1/4 inch screws, but only a 1/8 inch hole. I probably didn't need to but I was afraid that they might break , since I was going into end grain. The only downside I see to these is the fact that they aren't easy to get out once you get them in. They worn you about this in the McFeely's catalog I saw them in. In fact I couldn't get some longer ones out that I had driven in hard maple . So if your careful in your application of these, then these screws would probably be the strongest holding screws you could use since they wouldn't vibrate out over time. You can purchase these at Home Depot and they come in all sizes, lengths, and head configurations. They aren't being carried at my local True Value Hardware store , but on my last visit there I suggested that they might want to look into carrying them.

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