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HighPoint Drawer Front Adjusting Screws

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Drawer Front Screws


Drawer Front screws have an oversized 1/2" diameter round washer head to provide for easy adjustment. When building a typical five piece drawer box, it is desirable to have the ability to precisely adjust the drawer front into perfect alignment with all of the drawer faces. The oversized hole (5/16" x 3/8") is drilled through the drawer box. The drawer front is then attached using two drawer front adjusting screws during installation. Adjusting screws can be loosened slightly to allow for drawer front alignment. Screws are then tightened again.

Oversized 1/2" Diameter Round Washer Head
Provides for Easy Adjustment to Drawer Front
Phillips Drive
Zinc Finish
Perfect for adjusting Drawer fronts
Price is per 100 screws
Other lengths available

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The screws to use when attaching drawer fronts to drawer boxes

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These screws are the ones to use when your attaching a drawer front to a drawer box. The over sized heads along with an over sized hole in the drawer fronts allow room to adjust the drawer front until you have it just where you need to to line up with adjoining drawer fronts. I've used these for years and they work very well.I first use double stick tape or FastCaps blind nails to adhere the front on the box after the box is installed in the cabinet.
I place it as close to where it needs to be and then drill the over sized holes in the drawer box and then drive in the screws. Then I back the screws out and remove the front , to take off the double stick tape. Then remount the drawer front and adjust as needed by slightly loosening the screws. When you get the drawer front just where you need it then retighten the screws again. I've used these for years and they work great.

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