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Chicago Electric Retractable Cord Reel

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Chicago Electric


Mount this extension cord reel to your wall or ceiling to eliminate tripping hazards and clutter on your garage or workshop’s floor. Extend the cord up to 40 feet and when you’re done, give it a tug to retract it back to its durable polyethylene housing! This extension cord reel can plug up to three items at a time, saving you the time to look for an empty outlet making it ideal for any garage or workshop owner that wants to keep their floors neat and their outlets fully optimized.

* Heavy-duty high impact housing
* 40' of 14-gauge cord with triple tap receptacle
* Designed for hard usage
* Spring-loaded auto rewind for quick recoil
* Non-snag rollers reduce cord wear
* Wall or ceiling mount

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Electric Cord reel

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This is the electric cord reel I've had in my shop since I built it back in 2001. It has worked well enough those years with out any major problems. Sometimes when it gets close to the retraction of the final few feet it gets stuck and I have to play with it to get it to completely retract. Outside of that it has worked pretty well. It's always locks into a hold position when I pull it out and the three way plugs seem to be holding up so no real complaints.
If I were to buy another one today though I'm not sure that I would be this same one again, at least not at it's current price. Seems a little high for what it is and does.I think I paid $30 for it back then.

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