Rikon 2 HP Dust Collector

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• 2 HP Motor: Powerful TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor keeps the dust out for safety
• 2 - 4" Inlets, 1 - 5" Inlet: Use two 4” inlets for multiple machines or connect to one 5” inlet. One 4” inlet cap provided
• Casters for Mobility: Sturdy steel base with four casters for storage and mobility
• Safety Lock Toggle Switch: Prevents accidental or unauthorized use
• Clamps Sewn in Pockets: Easy bag changes
• Housing Stability Bars
• 12” Impeller
• Dual 4" Inlet with Cap, Single 5" Inlet: Uses standard 4” dust hose to connect to your power tool
• Bag Support Bar: Maintains vertical position of upper bag when not in use
• Casters for Mobility: Sturdy steel base with four casters
• Airflow: 1,250 CFM
• Motor: 2HP, 110V, 16A TEFC
• Motor Speed: 3,450 RPM
• Blower Fan Diameter: 12”
• Blower Fan Material: Steel
• Sound Rating @ 3 ft.: 78dB
• Bag Filtration: 5 Microns
• Bag Diameter: 20”
• Bag Capacity: 5.4 Cu.Ft.
• Bag Length: 33”
• Hose Connection: 1@5”, 2@4”

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Rikon 2 HP Dust Collector

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I find this system to work very well as a hole. The weakest link is the filter bag. When it comes, you may as well throughout the bag. It puts dust particles right into the air. What I did do, was to buy a wynn filter canister and installed it. Now there is an efficient system. The motor and impeller are all made of metal. It has a 2 HP motor and is quite quiet. To my delight! There are many ways to modify this system to your needs also. For the money, I thought it was a great buy.

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