Penn State Tempest Cyclone

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Penn State


This professional shop cyclone is ideal to connect to single machines. Ideal for large home shops and small cabinet shops:

* Up to 12.5 drops
* Up to 50' run
* Shop size to 2500 square ft
* 1450 CFM
* 2.5 HP Motor
* 12 Max Static Pressure

PSI Tempest Cyclones are known to be the cleanest dust collection systems on the market. The cyclonic separation process captures 99.98% of all wood chips and dust particles that enter the collector. Centrifugal force drops particles of all sizes out of the air stream - everything from chips to microscopic particles. A dust bin positioned underneath the cyclone funnel captures the dust and chips in a trash container.

WOOD magazine review

Great filtration, respectable airflow

Review Summary

At 94" tall, this Tempest managed to just fit under our 8' ceiling. It delivers a great combination of airflow and filtration. In our testing, the Tempest overcame nearly 8" of static-pressure loss at 800 CFM, the minimum needed to power a small-shop duct system. It could still overcome 4" of SP loss at 1050 CFM. And its canister filter—the largest in our test of nine collectors—proved second-best, trapping fine dust particles at a fantastic rate.
But, an impeller that rattles and shakes when coasting down at shut-off and a filter cleanout that’s attached with just silicone causes us concerns about the machine’s longevity and future maintenance.

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