Penn State 1.5 HP Dust Collector

Penn State


Keep your shop clean and comfortable with the 1-Micron Dustroyer. This 1.5 HP dust collector is suitable for any shop, large or small. It gives superior air flow and improved service for long runs of hose or duct systems. This unit generates 1,250 CFM and runs effortlessly on 110V - using much less power yet providing nearly the same performance as similar units with 2 HP or more. Comes standard with high filtration 1-micron filter bags and band clamps.

• Style: Double Bag
• Filter Type(s): 1 micron bags
• Main Filter area (sq ft): 30
• Filter Specification: 99% @ 1 micron
• Nominal Voltage: 110
• Collector Footprint: 33" x 22"
• Height: 92"
• Sound Rating: 67 dB
• Max Static Pressure: 12"
• Max Airflow through collector (CFM): 1,250
• Running Amps: 11@110V
• Horsepower: 1.5
• Main Inlet Size: 6"
• Impeller Size: 11"
• Impeller Material: Steel
• Debris Collection Type: Filter Bag, 24"/40"
• Shop Size: Up to 1,200 sq ft
• Run Length: 25'
• Suitable for Ductwork: Y
• Suitable for Multiple Tools: Y, 5 to 8 Drops

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