Jet Vortex Cone Dust Collector

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* Eliminates rapid performance drop due to premature filter clogging
* Captures 98% of 2-micron particles and 86% of 1-micron particles
* Dual 4" dust port allows for simultaneous connection of two machines
* Periodic rotation of filter handle minimizes dust accumulation to reduce health hazards
* Sound rating of 70 to 80 decibels

WOOD magazine review

Vortex cone gives DC a cyclone effect

Review Summary

Until now, single-stage dust collectors lacked an efficient way to separate chips and large dust particles from the airstream before they entered the filter media. Jet’s Vortex Cone dust collector brings that ability to this class of machine and price range. The unique cone hangs in the center section of the cylinder where the impeller blows in debris.
The cone then disperses dusty air to the perimeter of the collection bag while also slowing the airspeed, allowing heavier debris to settle and fall out. Faster-moving air goes up into the filter, which traps the fine dust as clean air returns to the shop. We used the Vortex Cone collector with a 2-micron canister filter, sucking up dust and chips directly from a planer, jointer, bandsaw, tablesaw, and belt/disc combo sander. It removed all the debris from each machine, even when used with 15' of 4" flex-hose—a product notorious for reducing airflow. Even after weeks of use, we were impressed to find only small amounts of fine dust in the filter. Jet makes this same 1-1⁄2-hp collector with 5- and 30-micron filter bags, in place of the upper pleated 2-micron filter on the model we tested. Those models cost less, but be warned: 30-micron bags do little to trap fine dust. You can also get each model with a 2-hp, 220-volt motor.

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