JDS Dust Force Dust Collector



The JDS 3HP Dust-Force is the perfect dust collector for shops that require powerful performance as well as versatility. This portable collector can easily be rolled to a convenient location or it is powerful enough to remain stationary as a central collection system.

Two collection bags will reduce the down time associated with the disposal of collected dust and debris, and two 1 micron canisters assure that only clean air will be returning into the shop.The filter material is spun-bond polyester and its surface area is more than five times greater than that of standard bags. The more surface area, the less restriction on air flow, and the greater the pulling power. Now get high efficiency and great performance at the same time. To clean the canister simply turn the handle and cleaning flappers inside will shake the dust from the filter into the lower plastic bag. The airflow channel will assure that both collector bags will receive equal amounts of collected “dust”.

The 13.3” impeller provides 2300 CFM of pulling power and is powered by a 220V, single phase, 3 HP motor. The motor is totally enclosed and has thermal overload protection, so it will stand up to the day long demands of the hard working small shop environment. The dust collector has an 8” inlet which is ideal for central system ductwork or three 4” openings for direct to the source collection hoses. The 3HP Dust-Force is the perfect combination of power, performance, and convenience.

Keep your shop clean with JDS High Performance Dust Collectors.
Powerful 3HP single stage dust collector with 2300 CFM!
Efficient Canister filters trap down to 1 Micron dust particles.
Great for portable dust collection or central system dust collection.
Disposable see-through plastic bags provide a combined 84 gallon capacity!
Air-flow channel assures both collection bags receive equal amounts of dust!

Motor: 3 HP TEFC
Max CFM: 2500
Max Static Pressure: 14.5"
Filter Type: 1 Micron
Length: 55"
Width: 21"
Height: 69"
Impeller Size: 13"
Impeller Material: Steel
Inlet Diameter: One 8" / Three 4"
Bag Capacity: 84 gallons
Decibels: 78 dB
Electrical: 220V

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