Grizzly 2 HP Dust Collector

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Want the ultimate dust collector in your shop? Then this powerful dust collector is just what you need. Our canister filters have 6 times the filtering area of regular bags and have a built in cleaner. Simply move the convenient top mounted lever back and forth to remove any dust caked onto the filter, and in seconds you are back to full performance capacity. And the canister type filter allows filtering of the air to 1 micron with minimal loss of performance. This unit has a heavy-duty steel adapter that allows three 4" lines to be connected simultaneously. The steel duct from the impeller to the filter improves performance and reliability and with just a glance you'll know when it's time to haul out the chips thanks to the clear bottom bags. Extra bags ship with the machine and are available from us to really make cleaning easy.

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I have owned this unit for a week now and am pretty pleased with it. Was easy to assemble with good instructions. I did have a problem with the bottom bag, after using for about an hour there were many pin holes in the bag. I had only used this on my table saw and my down draft table so there was maybe a cup of debris in the bottom of it, i contacted Grizzly and they are sending a new bag to me. It is a very loud machine, and I will be putting it in a separate room as soon as I can afford it.
Has plenty of power to pull dust into the machine and I am sure I will not out grow this tool.

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