Grizzly 2 HP Cyclone

WOOD magazine rating


• Motor: TEFC Class “F”, 2 HP, 220V, single-phase, 3450 RPM, 14A
• Switch: Remote controlled magnetic
• Intake hole size: 7"
• Impeller size: 14-1/2" steel radial fin
• Suction capacity: 1354 CFM @ 2.5" SP
• Maximum static pressure (inches of water): 10.4"
• Filter surface area: 96 sq. ft.
• Filter: 99.9% efficiency captures 0.2–2 micron dust particles
• Collection drum: Steel, 35 gallons
• Overall dimensions: 59" x 93.25" x 37.75"
• Approximate shipping weight: 328 lbs.

WOOD magazine review

Great at moving dust, so-so at filtering

Review Summary

This collector has the largest footprint of the nine dust collectors we tested (5 single-stage, 4 cyclones). It does a great job at collecting dust from machines, overcoming 9.5" of static-pressure loss at 800 CFM, the minimum needed for a small-shop dust system. And at 1300 CFM it was still overcoming 5" of SP loss—very respectable.
But the G0440 is so-so on dust containment, ranking fourth among the cyclones we tested with seven times more fine dust particles getting back into the shop air. However, it filtered better than all but two single-stage collectors we tested. Its pulley-operated up-and-down filter cleaner worked well. It was loudest in our testing (90 decibels at 10' away), and. A small hose connects to the drum, providing suction to draw the disposable liner against the sidewalls, helping the bag fill better. And the drum rolls out from below the separator nicely on casters, making it easy to dump the bag when full.

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