Delta Portable Cyclone Dust Collector

WOOD magazine rating


* The cyclone captures and forces large particles into the chip barrel while small dust particles are trapped in the 1 micron canister filter and lower bag
1 1/2 HP, 240V, 1 phase motor produces 10 in. static pressure, 810 CFM Restricted / 1,638 CFM unrestricted
* Unique, convenient chip barrel system lifts and locks the barrel into place and seals with the simple lock bar – no tools required
* Connect up to two machines with the two 4 in. dust ports or remove the manifold to use as one 6 in. dust port
* Top filter cleaner crank rotates to knock down particles into the bag as they build up on the inside of the canister, prolonging canister life and efficiency
* Remote Control offers convenience for on/off and timer programming
* Timer settings from 1 hour to 15 hours allow user to set the unit with confidence that, while they are away, the unit will clean the air in the shop and then turn itself off

WOOD magazine review

Compact, portable cyclone does a respectable job for small shops

Review Summary

Based on our testing, this portable cyclone collector would be a great choice if centrally located in the duct network of a small basement or garage shop, or connected to just a few machines with flex-hose (10' or shorter). It’s compact (68" tall), reasonably quiet (80 decibels), and generates respectable airflow (overcoming nearly 4" of static-pressure loss at 800 CFM, the minimum required for a duct network).
And its cyclone separator and 1-micron-rated canister filter trapped more fine dust particles than several larger collectors that cost more money. But our favorite feature is the chip-collection drum. To empty it, you simply lift a lever to lower the drum away from its lid, slide it out on its casters, and then lift the disposable collection bag and toss it. We’d like to see more manufacturers adopt this kind of convenience. The 50-905 runs on a 1-1/2-hp, 220-volt soft-start motor. A remote control makes it easy to turn on and off, and a four-setting timer lets you run it after you’ve left the shop, further cleaning the air (with a few blast gates open). There’s also a handy floor sweep that attaches to the inlet for quick cleanups.

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