Delta 2 HP Dust Collector

WOOD magazine rating


The 50-761 includes motor and blower, support frame, (2) 1 micron filtration bags, (4) 6 mil plastic chip collection bags, (2) snap-in bag rings, (3) 4 in. intake ports, (4) swivel caster assemblies.

* Standard 1 micron filtration bags keep your shop safer and cleaner
* Powerful TEFC induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance with protection from damaging dust
* Snap-in bag rings are faster, easier and eliminate the need for cam-over-lock style clamps
* Sturdy steel base with four easy-gliding wheels for moving from machine to machine or for storing out of the way
* CSA Listed

WOOD magazine review

Adequate but not great airflow and filtration

Review Summary

The only single-stage collector in our test of five dual-filter units with its motor and impeller not positioned on the base, but rather at the height midpoint, the 50-761 demonstrated less airflow than all but one other unit. Because of this design, you’ll have to add an additional 90° fitting to hook up ceiling-mounted duct, adding more resistance. In our testing, the 50-761 overcame 5.5" of static-pressure loss at 800 CFM—the minimum airflow needed to power a small-shop duct system.
This placed it fifth among the similar single-stage collectors we tested. At 1100 CMF it could overcome 3" of SP loss. Its two felt filter bags fared okay at filtering out fine dust particles greater than 2 microns, but allowed 14 times more fine dust to escape than did the best cyclone we tested and four times more than the best single-stage collector.

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