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Designed for use with any 2.5" diameter shop vacuum hose, the Mini Dust Collection Separator fits over a standard 5-gallon bucket (not included) to convert a shop vacuum into a two-stage dust collection system. The Mini Dust Collection Separator increases the capacity and efficiency of the typical shop vacuum by allowing heavier particles to drop out of the system before they reach the main container. Finer particles can also be trapped by adding a small amount of water to the bottom of the bucket. Clean-ups are easy because the Mini Dust Collection Separator just lifts off of the bucket for easy dumping. The Mini Dust Collection Separator makes shop clean-up a breeze.

• Raising the handle on most 5-gallon buckets will secure the separator in place
• Hole mates up to 2.5" diameter shop vacuum hose fitting
• Use with our optional W2046 Adapter to fit standard 2.5" dust collection hose

WOOD magazine review

With a quick modification, this works well

Review Summary

At about one-third the price of other shop vacuum separators, we were pleasantly surprised at the W2049’s performance—after a few workarounds. First, the W2049 fit loosely atop a standard 5-gallon bucket (not included), with no gasket or seal between the separator and bucket. So the stiff vacuum hose tended to pop the lid off. We fixed this by applying foam weatherstripping around the inside neck of the separator, then moving the bucket handle up to pinch the sides of the separator in place.
Modifications made, the W2049’s performance kept up with the Rockler Vortex and the Oneida Dust Deputy in our testing—preventing all but a handful of fine dust and chips from reaching the vacuum.

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