Fazlok Quick-Disconnect Fittings

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* FazLok Quick Disconnect Fittings eliminate the need for tools when detaching and reattaching dust collection hoses - a twist of the wrist replaces loosening and retightening.
* Male fittings attach to hose ends with hose clamps. Female fittings are designed to screw-mount onto dust collectors and machinery (due to potential variety of applications, screws not included; fittings not predrilled. Once in place, hoses can be moved from one machine to the next.
* Clear plastic bodies make it possible to see the flow of chips, allowing for hose adjustments to ensure maximum dust collector efficiency.
* Matched taper seating prevents vacuum leaks, while a positive lock prevents uncoupling during use. Sized to fit 4" dust ports.
* Available separately or in four-piece starter kits including two female fittings (one for machine, one for dust collector) and two male fittings for each hose end (hose clamps and hose not included).

WOOD magazine review

Finally, a quick-change mount for dust hoses

Review Summary

Lacking a central dust-collection system in my home shop, I’ve simply rolled my dust collector from tool to tool for years. I just keep a length of flexible hose on each dust-producing tool and slip the other end of the hose over the collector’s inlet. But a hose that slips on, also sometimes slips off, and that’s a nuisance. Since I installed Fazlok fittings on my dust-collection hoses and collector, I’ve not had that problem.
The male coupler mounts to the hose with ordinary hose clamps, while the female portion installs on the collector with a sheet-metal screw or two. (A bead of silicone here helps seal against air leakage.) Align the pins on the hose coupler into the slots on the collector coupler, push down, twist, and the hose is locked and ready for action. Convenience isn’t its only advantage. Before Fazlok, I couldn’t always tell when dust and debris had clogged the collector inlet until the backup became significant. Because of the clear acrylic construction of the couplers, I can spot a clog at the inlet with a quick glance. The starter kit includes two male and two female Fazlok couplers, enough for one power-tool hookup. For each additional tool you want to connect to the hose, just buy an individual coupler. —Tested by Dave Campbell

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