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Self-cleaning gates are the same construction as our full blast gates except the galvanized steel slide moves through the open end to push out debris from wood pulp and sticky materials.

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I'm glad I discovered these self cleaning blast gates before I put in my whole shop dust collection system. They really do not clog like the regular ones do on occasion. It seems that many Co's that carry dust collection accessories don't offer these, so they are hard to find. And despite what this site advertises above you can't find them on Amazon or at Woodcraft. The ones they sell are not the real self cleaning ones.
If you carefully examine the picture I have posted and the ones' posted on their sites you will see the difference. I finally found the good ones at "The Blast Gate Co." They have a large supply of dust collection pipe, blast gates and hoses in a wide variety of sizes and at the best prices I've been able to find. And if you've read any of my other reviews on this site you'll know just how frugal I am. I've purchased probably 7 or 8 of these three or four years ago and their prices are still the same today. Wo whoo! They have a small screw with a plastic head on it so you can lock it an open or closed position. The best blast gates available at the best prices.

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