Harbor Freight D-Handle Drill

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Harbor Freight


This production-quality VSR drill is designed with a large D-handle for a comfortable, controlled grip while tackling heavy duty drilling applications! A powerful 10 amp motor provides quality performance and precision-cut heat treated gears deliver maximum service life. Designed for superior balance and handling, this D handle drill provides smooth operation during even the toughest jobs!

* Superior balance and handling
* Variable speed, reversible
* Ball and needle bearings for smooth operation
* Three-jawed keyed chuck
* Easy access brushes

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Don't be afraid to buy Chicago Electric brand tools from Harbor Freight

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When I was building my wood shop 9 years ago,I needed a bigger drill for drilling large holes for electric lines. Not a tool I use everyday so again I turned to Harbor Freight for a value rated tool buy. This drill did the job very well and hasn't failed me on any job since.Some time ago I had a talk with a semi truck repairman that uses a lot of tools.
In his experience he had discovered that if you buy from Harbor Freight your pretty safe if you stick with their Chicago Electric line of tools. And so far this has been really good advise as I own and use a good number of their tools and it has saved me a lot of money. And that opinion is backed up by the reviews on their own site.

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