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This rugged hammer drill has a drill speed up to 2,800 RPM to get the job done quickly! Features include a 7.5 amp motor that gives you the power to drill through concrete, wood and steel and a comfort grip handle that allows your hands to work comfortably. This hammer drill is ideal for any professional craftsman or hobbyist working with wood, steel or stone!

* Drilling capacity: 1/2" in steel, 1/2" in concrete, 1" in wood
* Hammer drill and drill only modes
* Variable speed reversible switch
* Comfort grip handle
* Heavy duty 1/2" keyed chuck for the most rugged applications

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As a cabinet and furniture maker I occasionally need to attach a cabinet or piece of furniture to a concrete wall or floor. Since this is a rare occurrence, I didn't want to invest a lot of money on another drill, so I purchased this one. To my amazement, this inexpensive drill has been stellar in it's performance. Not only has it done well in concert, I also recently drilled about twenty dog holes in my three inch work bench top with a 3/4" brad point drill bit.
In fact it actually did better than my Milwaukee hole shooter drill with this task. The reviews on the Harbor Freight site for this drill are also positive. The only negative reviews were from people who were pushing the drill to hard, so be careful not to over work this one to avoid overheating the motor. Why spend one to two hundred dollars on a hammer drill, when you can get this one for 33. It's a no brainer for me, as this drill has already paid for itself. In the past I haven't been a big fan of any thing at Harbor Freight, but this is another one of their tools that has surprised me.

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