Powermatic Benchtop Mortiser

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The Powermatic PM701 Benchtop Mortiser features an in-line depth stop which allows the user to stop at preset depths without racking the mortiser bit to the base. Its heavy-duty reversible handle is so versatile that it can be changed from one side to the other quickly and easily and requires no tools to do so. The stock hold down features a specially designed double lock system. One locks from the side, the other locks from the top, to completely eliminate any slippage when removing the chisel from the work piece. This hold-down is also reversible to allow stock from 0 to 5" thick to be captured underneath it. The 701 Benchtop Mortiser has a quick-action cam lock that will quickly lock the fence into position with one 90° movement. This lock also features lock nuts, so once set they will not have to be continually adjusted. Set-up has never been easier or more precise. It features an integrated bit and chisel spacer system. These two spacers are used to accurately and quickly account for the space needed between the bit and chisel during set-up. Large work surfaces in the table and fence allow for more stability and accurate cuts. The new mortiser also includes a large hinged chuck door with magnetic catch. This unique element allows the user to easily access the drill chuck with the standard 4" chuck key to lock the bit in place. In addition, its rack and pinion allow for simple and quick fence adjustments.

• In-line depth stop allows stopping at pre-set depths without racking the bit to the base
• Heavy-duty reversible handle can be installed to either side of the head without tools
• Stock hold-down with a double lock system, top and side, to eliminate slippage of workpiece
• Quick action cam lock will quickly lock fence in position with one 90° movement
• 2 integrated bit and chisel spacers for quick set up
• Large work surfaces on both table and fence for greater stability and accuracy
• Large, hinged chuck door with magnetic catch for rapid access to the chuck
• Rack and pinion design for simple fence adjustments

WOOD magazine review

Fully loaded mortiser tops all, but lacks chisels

Review Summary

+Pluses: Our Top Tool in a test of 10 benchtop mortisers. This well-engineered machine produced flawless mortise walls the fastest of any tested unit. It has rack-and-pinion fence-adjustment knobs on each side of the column and cam-action locks that engage faster than threaded locks. The right-angle handle moves to any of 10 positions, the depth stop locks solidly, rubber hold-ins keep boards tight to the fence, and you make all adjustments without tools except the chuck key.
It has built-in spacers to set the gap between the chisel and bit, and also comes with a diamond sharpening cone. –Minuses: This machine does not come with a set of chisels and bits. Powermatic’s optional, but test-best chisels cost $165 for a set of four. Or you can buy other brands of chisel sets for about half that.

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