Steel City 17" Variable Speed Drill Press

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Steel City


Powerful 1 HP Motor with Variable Speed: Induction motor provides plenty of power via the reeves drive system for a variety of drilling applications while the variable speed satisfies your needs for both wood and metal.

* External Micro-Adjustable Depth Stop: Is easily accessible for making faster, more accurate depth adjustments and can be locked in place instantly for repetitive drilling operations.
* Paddle Type Safety Switch: Paddle type on/off switch provides increased visibility and operator safety. Switch can also be locked to prevent unauthorized use.
* Split Head Casting Design: Unlike it's competition, the model 20525 gives you the ability to compensate for wear and insure accuracy of the quill assembly over the life of the machine.
* Extra Long Quill Travel: With it's 6" stroke, you can drill 30% deeper than most drill presses in this class. This allows for the extra depth required to accommodate jigs and fixtures.
* Morse Taper Spindle: Allows greater versatility with direct mounting of a variety of drill press accessories that have a #2 MT shank.

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Rock solid drill press with great features for a great price

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I have the non VS version of this DP. I think it is close enough to the VS for me to make some comments. When I bought mine 5 years ago it was a lot of drill press for the money. It was about the only press in it's price range to offer 6" of quill travel and a split head design. I had to remove the chuck and clean it off to get rid of the run out, but after that it ran great. There are a couple of thing that I don't care for. The light sucks. It doesn't stay in place.
Mine came with a laser. I don't care for them on any tools. The quick release depth stop seems to move on me more than I would like. I would rather have the old school dual nuts. Other thant that the drill press is rock solid and I have never had a problem with it. I have several Steel City tools adn they are all great.

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