Rikon 17" Drill Press

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• Rack and Pinion Table Height: Adjusting table height is easy with the turn of a handle
• Clutch Depth Stop: Set your drill depth easily and accurately; great for repeatable drilling
• Solid Steel and Cast Iron Construction: Rugged heavy duty construction for vibration-free operation
• Large Cast Iron Handles: These handles do not bend or loosen and are made of solid cast iron for better comfort
• Table tilts 45° right and left
• Table has slots for quick mounting of your jigs, vises and fixtures
• Powerful motor provides plenty of torque for all types of drilling
• Swing: 17"
• Motor: 1 HP TEFC
• Chuck Size: 5/8"
• Spindle Travel: 3 1/8"
• Spindle Taper: MT-2
• Speeds: 16 (220-3630 rpm)
• Quill Diameter: 3"
• Table: 14" x 14"
• Column Diameter: 3 3/16"
• Chuck Key Holder: Yes
• Light: Yes

WOOD magazine review

Rikon 30-230 17" Drill Press

Review Summary

High Points: ↑ With a slowest speed of 220 rpm and a top of 3,630, this unit has the greatest range in the test of 8. ↑ A chart inside the hood shows recommended spindle speeds. Low Points: ↓ Short quill handles make it difficult to get leverage when using large bits or the optional mortising attachment (#29-201, $80). ↓ Requires two wrenches to tilt the table; only one is included. ↓ A short lever makes setting the correct belt tension difficult.
More Points: → The only tested model with a dial-type depth stop on the quill handle, which proved accurate but not as intuitive as the rod-and-nut types.

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