Rockler Concealed Hinge Boring Jig

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Drill concealed hinge cup holes with ease and accuracy using the Concealed Hinge JIG IT® System! Use it to easily locate center, and drill cup holes on cabinet doors for fully concealed hinges. Use our Mounting Plate JIG IT® templates (sold separately) to accurately align holes for hinge mounting plates. Use Long Shank Carbide Hinge Cup Forstner Bits to drill holes for the hinge cup (sold separately

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Euro Hinge Boring Jig

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I've drilled hundreds of holes with this jig and it works Ok. It's pretty much a one time set and forget jig, which is Ok if your using the same hinges and same door thickness and the same set back every time. I modified mine so it is now adjustable, but it's still difficult to set since there are no markings on the jig, other than the ones I create thru trial and error.
You also have to constantly readjust the clamp for different door thickness and if you get the adjustment to tight you can leave a dimple on the front of your door, since the clamp pad is too small. You also have to purchase their longer shank 35 MM Forstner drill bit separately to make this jig work. Has done the job for me , but am ready to move up to a more professional model that's quicker and easier to adjust, and will also drill the dowel holes( for MDf doors)in the same step.

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