Rockler Pro Shelf Pin Drilling Jig

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Eliminate the possibility of misaligned shelves and cut your setup time in half with the easy-to-use Pro Shelf Drilling Jig! Just lay the jig on your stock, tighten the two horizontal tracking knobs and start drilling error-free rows.

* Guarantees each row is perfectly in line
* Spaces each hole exactly 37mm from the edge of your stock
* Jig is easy to set up and easy to adjust for multiple rows

WOOD magazine review

Great shelf pin drilling jig, but bits cost extra

Review Summary

Rockler’s Pro Shelf Drilling Jig eliminates half of the setup work required with typical shelf-pin boring jigs. Use the two parallel fences and plastic drilling guides to “trap” the workpiece, such as a bookcase side, and drill both rows of holes without moving the jig. And with 17 holes on each guide, you can drill up to 34 holes without moving it.
If you need more pin holes, simply slide the jig down the workpiece and index it in the just-drilled holes with two of the 1⁄4" or 5mm guide pins (a pair of each come with it). Locking knobs on the aluminum arms and rubber grips on the guide fences hold the jig securely in place. I was disappointed that this jig didn’t come with a self-centering spring-loaded drill bit. Rockler sells those in four sizes for $22 each. —Tested by Steve Feeney, WOOD Magazine

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