Lee Valley Veritas Shelf-Pin Drilling Jig

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This drilling jig eliminates the time-consuming layout work usually associated with installing shelf supports.
Rather than mark the location of every hole before drilling, you set the jig's rails at the desired inset from the edge, fix them in position with the thumbscrews on the clamp rods, and then drill. The jig guarantees that the holes will be exactly opposite each other and at equally spaced intervals. Twin-register pins positioned in the rails fit into holes you have already drilled, ensuring that the holes will continue to be accurately spaced. An entire upright can be accurately chain drilled with no chance of error and no need for detailed measuring.

The register pins have tapered tips and fit snugly into any hole from 3/16" to 3/8" (5mm to 10mm). The 24" rails each have 20 holes drilled at 1" intervals. Ample space for chip clearance is provided to allow for easy withdrawal of your bit and to prevent jamming or burning. The bush carrier registers perfectly in each hole and is easily moved along the rails. You are assured of holes drilled at exactly 90° because the hardened bushings are 13/16" long (substantially longer than others available).

Ten hole sizes can be drilled with the bushings that come as standard equipment, allowing you to use all of the shelf supports currently sold in North America. A soft (unhardened) bushing (you drill to size) for custom application is also included.

The jig comes with regular-length clamp rods for use with material 12" wide or narrower. Long rods are available for material up to 24" wide, and extra-long rods for work up to 36" wide.

All aluminum parts are anodized black, except for the red bush carrier. The steel rods are ferro-blacked. Register pins, fixing and clamping knobs are turned brass with knurled heads.

A 7mm sleeve-setting punch with hardwood handle is included. It will set the most common European support/sleeve combinations neatly without damaging the sleeve or upright.ed

WOOD magazine review

Veritas Shelf-Pin Drilling Jig

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Although it’s a lot to pay for a shelf-pin jig, the Veritas offers far greater versatility than plastic-template jigs. It comes with drilling bushings in 10 sizes, giving you more choices for shelf pins than you’ll probably ever need. The hardened bushings fit into a small carrier that mounts to the rails and ensures holes drilled square to the wood surface. When we needed to drill more holes inline with those just made, it was easy to align using the two brass indexing pins.
This jig’s 24"-long guide rails can be located anywhere along the self-clamping perpendicular clamp rods to place pins as near or far from the edges as wanted. The included rods clamp workpieces up to 12" wide, but we recommend getting at least one set of optional long rods that extend the width capacity to 24" ($14) or 36" ($16).

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