Hartville Drill Press Table

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* The tracks in the table and adjustable fence accept clamps, stops, jigs and fixtures.
* The table is a full 1-1/16" thick, with a solid MDF core surfaced with high pressure laminate on both top and bottom. A 1/2" x 5" x 6" replaceable table insert backs up stock.
* The solid aluminum fence incorporates cam lock levers, and a design which allows it to be adjusted to a perfect 90 degrees to the table surface.
* This 36" Table measures 17" x 32" (including column cut-out), and has a 36" fence. It will fit 14" and larger drill presses.

WOOD magazine review

Hartville Drill-Press Table Tool

Review Summary

This large table has more features than any other. With four T-track slots in the table and two hold-down clamps, we found it easy to clamp almost any size workpiece. The 36"-long, 3-1⁄4"-tall aluminum fence has two T-slots on its face for mounting the stopblock, with adjustment screws on the back side to square it to the table. We like the cam-style fence clamps because the fence doesn’t shift when you tighten the clamps as it can do with threaded knobs.
The 11⁄16"-thick, melamine-coated MDF top proved flat, but the kit comes without hardware for mounting to the drill press. Following the instructions, we drove four screws with washers into the bottom through the table slots. The 5×6" particle- board insert sat below flush with the tabletop, resulting in tear-out on the bottom of workpieces. (We replaced it with a flush-fitting MDF panel.)

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