EZ-Mount Base Plate Mounting Jig

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EZ-Mount’s Mounting Jig for European Style hinges allows a single user to install a cabinet door quickly. Each set comes with two jigs, one for mounting overlay doors and one for mounting inset doors.

WOOD magazine review

EZ-Mount hinge-plate jig helps install euro hinges with little effort

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I’ve always liked European-style cabinet hinges because they’re adjustable, so I can fine-tune the door alignment after installation. Plus, it’s easy and accurate to drill the 35mm pockets into the doors using a drill press. But mounting the hinge plates precisely on the cabinet has always been the real trick to using these hinges. That’s where EZ-Mount comes to the rescue.
To use EZ-Mount, simply snap a hinge plate into the appropriate jig (there’s one for inset doors and another for overlay doors). Hold the jig with its fence against the front cabinet edge, as shown in the photo above, and its top edge against the cabinet top. That positions the plate exactly 37mm from the edge and 3" from the top. Now, using a self-centering drill bit in the hinge-plate holes, drill pilot holes, drive the mounting screws, and pop off the jig. Repeat the process at the bottom of the cabinet, and you’re done. It literally takes seconds to mount both hinge plates. For locating a hinge anywhere other than 3" from the top or bottom, EZ-Mount’s molded centerline ensures precise positioning. On melamine-coated particleboard, though, I found that the jig tended to slip and slide because of the plastic-on-plastic contact. But I remedied that concern by applying four self-adhesive bumpers to one face. EZ-Mount works only with Euro-style hinges made by Blum and Salice. Check the manufacturer’s Web site for the specific hinges it fits, and the EZ-Mount model number for your hinge. —Tested by Jan Svec

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