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This is a 13-piece pre-drill, drive, and countersink set for setting screws from #6 to #12.

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This drill and drive set sat in my tool arsenal for many years , but wasn't used much until recently. Probably because I was using the Instey bit system, which was working fine. I discovered that this is actually faster and dose as good or better a job at pre-drilling, driving and countersinking screws all with one drill motor. So if you don't have an impact driver, or don't need one, then this set would be heaven for you.
This set literally does everything you need it to do when setting screws. To start the tips are all magnetized by virtue of a magnet in the shaft. The tips can be released with the turn of an Allen wrench on my model, but maybe on a more updated model they have a quicker method. Either way it's better than a press fit screw tip,since sometimes with press fit ones they are either to hard to get out or they come out in use. With this one neither of those scenarios occur. Chuck in the tool, drill and countersink the hole, pull that portion off and reverse it in the holder for driving. One thing I like about this set, that I haven't found on other sets, is that the drill bits have a flat spot milled out on the upper part of the shaft so that when you tighten the Allen set screw, to secure the drill bit, the drill bit won't spin in the counter sink portion ,which would render your counter sink ineffective, and score your drill bit shaft. I've had that happen on other brands, namely the Fuller ones. Plus when your drill bits become dull or broken you can purchase replacements. I used this set to fasten the corners of 32 shop drawers for my shop and it worked beautifully. This set comes with the Allen wrench and extra drill bits all in a handy case. It seems Makita thought of everything !

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