Pro-Tool Magnetic Bit Holder

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Designed to securely hold 1" insert-style bits but still allow you to quickly and easily change the inserts. This holder can be used with Phillips, Pozi, or Square drive 1" insert bits.

* Magnetic quick release holder
* 3" Length
* Easily change inserts
* Use with Phillips, Pozi or Square 1" Bits
* Steel and stainless steel construction

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I know this may seem like a trivial tool to review, but for those that don't know, it may save you some hassle and a few bucks on some other, that doesn't work as well. I like this particular type of bit holder because the bits are easy to take in and out and the bits won't stick in the screw head after you've finished driving the screw, like they sometimes do with other types, such as the ones that the bit is press fit into.
I've had neither of these problems with this type of bit holder. I've also had problems removing a bit on the press fit ones as well. Sometimes they stick in so hard that you have to grip the bit with a pair of pliers to remove it. The bits are removed and replaced on the type pictured here by simply pulling down on the outer knurled tip. And you don't need to spend 6 or 8 dollars for one at the "Home Rip Off" store either. I purchased another one just recently at my local True Value hardware store for $3.49 cents. Worth every penny !

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