Insty-Bit Quick Change Extensions

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• Chuck’s small 5/8" diameter offers increased versatility
• True one-handed operation, simply push the bit into the chuck
• Patented All-Hex Design holds bits tight, even when removing bits from holes
• Positive action doesn’t let go until you want it to
• Will accept any 1/4" hex shank accessory, with or without a power groove
• Only chuck that accepts all standards, ANSI, JIS and DIN
• Black oxide finish with plated steel chuck give excellent corrosion resistance
• Replaces all magnetic and non-magnetic bit holders
• Quick Change hex-shank and hardened extensions optimize drill torque.
• Fits all keyed and keyless chucks
• Works in all corded and cordless drills
• Only chuck that holds all screwdriver bits 1" and longer
• Ideal for use with high speed drill bits, spade bits, hole saws, screwdriver bits and all 1/4" hex shank power tool accessories

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Quick change extentions

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I purchased these quick change extentions to get into those tight spaces and areas that I could reach directly. These extentions allow me to change bits quickly. They come in three different sizes, but I only listing one size for the review. They come in 3", 6", and 12" ($7.99,$10.29 and $11.59 respectively). Simple to operate, push collar away from tip area and remove bit. Collar does not have to be pushed to insert new bit.
It accepts all 1/4" hex shank accessory and drill bits, including all Insty Drive bits. I have have these for a couple of years and have had no failures or a need to replace them. This is one of those items that you may not think you need until you get involved in building a few projects and try to figure out a way to make it easier.

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