Rockler Tenon-Lok Dovetail Drill Bit

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The high-speed steel Tenon-Lok cutter features spring-action blades that flare out at the base, creating a dovetail-shaped round mortise. The sharpened tapered steel wedge-ring then sits in the flared mortise, expanding the tenon as it gets driven into place. The resulting joint will never come apart, and is immune to weather related expansion and contraction. The Tenon-Lok system requires both a cutter (available in several sizes) and a matching wedge ring (sold in multi-packs). A setter guide is included with every cutter.

WOOD magazine review

Lock those chair joints with Tenon-Lok

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Chair joints endure more stress than any other joint, often to the point of coming apart. Rockler’s Tenon-Lok solves that problem by creating incredibly strong and durable self-locking blind-wedge mortise-and-tenon joints. The system has two parts: one for machining, and the other for assembly. To make the joint, begin by crafting your legs, stretchers, and rails as you normally would, including tenons. Bore matching mortises.
Next, use the spring-loaded Tenon-Lok bit to bore out a cone shape inside the mortise. To assemble the joint, tap a Tenon-Lok metal ring—ground sharp on one end—to the end of a tenon using the provided bushing to center it. Remove the bushing, apply glue to the joint, insert the tenon, and then drive it home with a mallet or clamp. As the joint closes, the force drives the ring into the tenon, spreading it snugly against the cone-shaped mortise walls, effectively locking the joint. Rockler sells the bits in four diameters: 1⁄2, 5⁄8, 3⁄4, and 1". Insert rings sell in packs of 12 for $5 to $8.

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