Lee Valley Forstner Bit Set

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Insetting coins to date work, to make commemorative plaques, and to store or display coin collections requires special bits since standard bits do not match coin diameters.
Sized to match Canadian and U.S. coins (with slight clearance tolerance for small variations between coins), these Forstner-style bits cut flat-bottomed holes and have sharp spurs to score the perimeter for clean entry.

Made from high-speed steel to retain hardness at high temperatures, they are finished with extra-fine grinding wheels to reduce friction.

Overall length is about 3-7/8"; shank diameter is 3/8". Sold individually or in single-currency sets in a fitted wooden box.

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Lee Valley Forstner Bit Set

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Except for the 1-3⁄8" bit we use for cup hinges, we rarely use Forstner bits larger than 1". So this set of small bits, made in China, suits us just fine, even though we can get more bits for less money elsewhere. These high-speed-steel, smooth-rimmed bits proved sharp and accurate as they bored crisp, tear-out-free holes in oak, walnut, fir, birch plywood, and MDF. They make perfect flat-bottom holes, with only a 1⁄8"-deep divot from the center spur.
We also tested Lee Valley’s 16-piece set of sawtooth bits (1-1⁄8 to 3" by 1⁄8" increments, $250, #06J80.16), and they performed equally well.

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