Lee Valley Countersinking Drill Bit Set

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These combination units are specifically designed for woodworkers. The high-speed tapered drill bits are precisely ground on a CNC grinder and match the shapes of wood screws so that screw threads grip for the entire length of the screw. Our countersink/counterbore units (unlike most others) are hardened; they are also sharpened after hardening. Used in combination with a stop collar, they let you set the unit for a wide range of screw lengths for everything from flush countersinking to a full 1/2" of counterbore.

The drills are multi-purpose and will serve the needs of most woodworkers for both hard and soft woods. 2-3/4" to 4" long overall. For softwood, you should always use a drill one size smaller than the screw calls for.

Components can be purchased individually, or in complete units for a specific screw size — the unit includes a countersink/counterbore, drill, stop collar, and a hex key.

Also available in box sets.

The set of five (for screw sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10) contains five countersink/counterbores, five taper-point bits, two stop collars (3/8" and 1/2"), and two hex keys.

The set of all eight adds the drills and counterbores for screw sizes 9, 12, and 14.

Both sets include a foam-lined plastic storage box with space for additional drivers or bits.

WOOD magazine review

Bore tapered pilot holes with countersinks

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Tapered pilot holes grip the entire length of traditional wood screws. But tapered bits must run at about 250 rpm to avoid burning, and they tend to clog. Lee Valley’s bits cut fastest with less tear-out and clogging than other tapered sets we tested. This 8-piece set drills holes for #4–14 screws with 3/8" and 1/2" counterbores.

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