29pc Brad Point Bit Set

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These brad point drill bits are excellent for both home repair and woodworking use. The brad point bits have a center point design that keeps the drill bit from skating as it enters the wood resulting in perfectly smooth, splinter-free holes. The drill bits come organized inside a durable case with index.
•Provides perfectly round, splinter-free holes
•Center point keeps bit from sakting
•Heavy duty storage case included
•Size range: 3/8 in. to 1/2 in. by 64ths
•3/8 in. cutdown shanks


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Wow! Good quality, Fantastic price!

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I recently decided to give brad point bits a try in my shop. Upon shopping around, viewing sets priced anywhere from $25.00 up to $50.00 & more, and hearing so many reviewers stating some of the bits had extreme runout, I was becoming discouraged. The only U.S made alternative was priced around $200.00.
Then I saw these listed in a Harbor Freight ad, my first thought was they are probably garbage, however with a 20% off coupon bringing the price to around $11.00 I really coudn't go wrong. Upon opeinig the package, the look & feel of the durable case got my attention. Then I got them home, chucked several into my cordless drill and made test holes in dried red oak. They cut cleanly and only had a very small amount of runout on one of the largest bits. I am an experienced woodworker and value quality in my work. I must admit I am pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price. These are just as good as what other woodworking retailers are charging double, sometimes triple the $$ for. They are warranted, so if any of them do have the runout issue HF will replace it free of charge! Sizes:1/16"-1/2" by 1/64" increments.

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