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Belt clip tool holding system with 3 bungee-balls

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Better than a drill holster

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I bought this tool holder in 2011, primarily for holding my cordless drills on my tool belt. It worked well on a few jobs then one day the clip broke when slipping it over my belt.So I e-mailed the manufacturer with a picture and an explanation. To my satisfaction they promptly sent me a new one. The replacement the manufacturer sent me broke the first time I slipped it over the belt.
I called Bigg Lugg and they explained to me that the portion of the clip that goes over your belt use to be made out of metal with a plastic cover, now they are all plastic , which makes it more prone to breaking, especially if you have thick work belt as mine is (About 5/8") They suggested that for thicker belts that it would be better to rivet it to my work belt, which I'm going to try. I really wanted this to work for me, with out having to do modifications,so for now I can't recommend this for use on thicker belts or if your going remove it from belt to belt. If your coming down a ladder and your tool happens to get caught on something that raises the tool up, it could come out of the holder causing your tool to fall and break, so you have to be a little careful. I also found this at Home Depot for $7.98 under the Husky brand and it's guaranteed forever, so I repurchased another one from them.

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