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Ryobi delivers more runtime and air flow with the new P3310 fan. Up to 10 hours of runtime using the ONE+ high capacity lithium-ion battery (on low speed setting) guarantees comfort in virtually any environment. The fan delivers over 30% more air flow than the previous model and includes multiple hooks for hanging and holes for mounting with screws. Use the integrated handle to carry the fan to any location with ease. Like all ONE+ items, this fan works with any 18V ONE+ battery. Upgrade to lithium-ion batteries for lighter weight and more performance.

* Over 10 hours of runtime using P104 battery on low speed setting
* Compact design with integrated handle to maximize portability
* Multiple hanging options for optimum convenience
* Includes screw mounting holes for maximum versatility
* 8 adjustable positions to aim air in multiple directions
* Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
* Helps provide comfortable temperatures during power outages

WOOD magazine review

Cordless cool breeze

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Although not a hard-core woodworking tool, this Ryobi fan proves handy and effective at keeping you cool, especially when an AC-powered fan isn’t practical. During the blisteringly hot summer, I used this fan in my shop, moving it between machines and my workbench. I even used it in the attic while making a repair, and it made the sweltering heat tolerable.
Powered by an 18-volt Ryobi One-Plus battery—lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium—the P3310 runs for nearly 10 hours on a 3-amp-hour battery pack and about half that with a 1.5-amp-hour pack. It also has two speed settings. The fan rests on its battery pack and tilts to suit your situation; it also has a hook for hanging. —Tested by Bob Hunter, Tools Editor

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