Ryobi 18V ToughTunes Radio



TOUGHTUNES™ is a jobsite-tough radio that plays your favorite tunes and charges all 18V ONE+™ batteries in as little as 30 minutes. Its twin speakers and dual bass ports provide dynamic and rich sound quality. Not only does TOUGHTUNES play music from your phone, iPod or other device using its integrated auxiliary cable, it also charges those devices using their charging cables in the USB charging port. 20 station presets and digital tuning provide lots of musical options with great reception. For battery charging purposes, TOUGHTUNES has RYOBI patented IntelliPort™ Technology, which protects battery cells, maximizes battery life, and conserves energy. That means you can store your 18V ONE+ batteries on the charger and know they are being conditioned for peak performance. It plays your music, charges your devices, and charges your 18V ONE+ batteries. All-in-all the new TOUGHTUNES™ radio/charger is easily one of the hottest innovations of the year.

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