Craftsman C3 19.2V Mini Bluetooth Radio/Charger



Break the silence and add some tunes to your garage with the Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt Radio with Bluetooth Technology!

Featuring four different ways to listen: Tune in to the game, or your favorite station on the AM or FM frequencies, hook in your MP3 player through the Built-in AUX input cable, or connect your phone or tablet wirelessly for audio through Bluetooth.

Is your phone battery running low? Add a little power to any usb device with the Built-In USB Charging Port, all while conveniently storing your device using the On-Board Device Storage.

Turn it up! The High Quality Speaker allows for you to play it loud, or keep it quiet, offering great performance to match the volume level you prefer.

Still want more features? Quickly recall your favorite stations with 10 FM and 10 AM Programmable Presets.

Can you hear it yet? Pick up a Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt Radio With Bluetooth Technology and get the music going!

4 Different Modes AM/FM/AUX/Bluetooth
Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Technology easily pairs to your Bluetooth enabled device to enjoy audio without cables
10 FM / 10 AM presets store your favorite stations even when disconnected from power source
On-Board Device Storage conveniently stores music device while charging and/or playing
High Quality Speaker provides loud, clear sound in a compact design
3.5mm Auxiliary Input with Cord Wrap for connecting a variety of music devices
Built-in USB Port provides 1 amp of power for fast charging of most devices

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