Skil Palm Driver

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* Ultra-compact drill/driver with lithium-ion battery technology
* Delivers the power of NiCD and NiMH batteries in half the size; holds a charge for up to 18 months
* Forward and reverse indicator lights
* Includes 34-piece bit set, charger, storage tin
* Weighs 10 oz.
* 2-year warranty

WOOD magazine review

Skil iXO Palm Driver

Review Summary

Skil’s 3.6-volt iXO has enough oomph to drive just about any-size screw into a predrilled pilot hole in hardwoods. That said, it won’t replace a 12-volt drill/driver for jobs that call for more torque or speed. The iXO drove 41 screws into a 2×4—although it could not fully seat them—taking about 11 minutes to drain the battery and three hours to recharge it. Even after this tough, continuous-duty test, the tool and its built-in battery felt only warm.
We drilled a 1/16" hole into red oak, but the magnetic 1/4" hex chuck wasn’t strong enough to back the bit out of the wood without slipping out of the tool. But its 200-fixed-rpm motor isn’t meant for drilling; it’s too slow. The three-position drive-direction switch is located just above the trigger, as in larger drivers, and we like the LED arrows on top of the tool that show drive direction. The iXO comes with 32 driver bits, a 1/16" drill bit, and 1-1/2" extension. In sum, it’s a handy small-task tool that’s always at the ready.

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