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The TEK4 4-Volt Lithium Ion 1/4" Screwdriver features a 2-speed gear box and a 24-position clutch that adjusts the torque to match a variety of applications. The 1/4" quick-connect chuck works with all SpeedLoad+ accessories and helps you make quick, hassle-free bit changes. The forward and reverse switch is easy to reach during use, with handle overmold grip for added user comfort. The Tek4 screwdriver is now one of 15 tools offered in the Tek4 line.

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I got one of these for Christmas a few years ago and did't think I'd use it much since I have two other 18 volt drivers, but over the years I keep finding use's for this little drill. This drill doesn't have a lot of torque so it 's best suited for doing delicate work when you don't want to stress out about over driving screws or stripping threads. It's not for regular duty screwing with any speed.
I mainly use it to remove and install the screws that hold my table saw insert on my sliding panel saw or for getting into those really tight spots where your normal sized cordless drill won't fit. For these tasks it's perfect. There's no chance of stripping out the threads and it speeds up the process over doing this manually. Another thing I like about this drill over it's 4.4 volt competitor by Channel Lock , is that it has a clutch. Not so sure one is needed with this little power but it is a bit of extra insurance that you don't over torque in critical situations.

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